You are the key to your well-being. 

Listen to your body, understand what it needs, and learn what works for you. Each body is different, each being has specific concerns. I have compiled a short list of services to educate you on the purpose and possibilities of our sessions. 

Upon arrival to your session, we will take a moment to discuss your concerns, your health conditions, and your desired outcome. Your intent for massage may be as straightforward as relaxation, or you may desire a more structured therapeutic session, or a combination of the two. You also may request a specific discipline, such as Thai or Prenatal. We'll figure it out together.  

30-Minute Refresher     $35
Almost as good as your morning coffee, a thirty minute massage can brighten up your day and mobilize your spirit. Choose one of three options.
Hand & Foot: Combines the principles of Reflexology with simple, gentle joint manipulation and soothing strokes to affect a positive change in the whole-body system. 
Head & Neck: A series of gentle stretching, petrissage, and point work designed to alleviate restrictions, reduce pressure, and restore peace of mind. 
Thai Style: A fully-clothed compression massage to increase circulation, loosen the muscles, relax the mind, and energize the body.
60-Minute Soothe     $65
Soothe your spirit with a Swedish-based massage. One hour to quiet your nerves, and induce a deep state of calm. This massage involves slow, calming strokes utilizing light, medium, or firm pressure as requested by you. It serves to stimulate circulation, increase nutrition to tissues and joints,  and encourage the lymphatic system to eliminate wastes and toxins.​ 

Deep Tissue     
The purpose of a Deep Tissue massage is to address specific, resistant adhesions that prevent full function and/or restrict the range of motion of a muscle. This necessitates the application of focused thumb, knuckle, and elbow pressure to release adhesions, interrupt spasm, and break up inflammatory debris. Deep Tissue is more focused, applies greater point-specific pressure, and works to soften and manipulate tissues to a greater extent than a soothing massage. You are more likely to experience soreness the following day. I incorporate deep tissue as needed. 
90-Minute Namaste     $95
Namaste is used as a respectful form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger. It is also an expression of gratitude for assistance offered or given, and for kindness. Thank you for allowing me to care for you, to help you decompress for ninety glorious minutes. Lose yourself. 

90-Minute PreNatal Escape     $95
The human body is a beautiful machine, thriving, growing, bringing forth new life. This wondrous process is exhausting! Achy back? Tired feet? Swollen legs? Crazy monkey brain? Take a breather. PreNatal massage employs universal precautions for pregnancy, working from side-lying and back-resting positions. I've provided extra time for positioning, draping, bathroom breaks, and or a quick run for pickles and ice cream. 

*Your safety is of the utmost importance. Please discuss and clear massage with your certified caregiver, OBGYN, or midwife before our session. Factors that may affect your viability for prenatal massage are: first trimester, high risk, preeclampsia, hypertension, and placental abruption.*
120-Minute Samsara     $130
Saṃsāra is a Sanskrit word, the literal meaning of which is "a wandering through" – in reference to the passage through many states of existence involved in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. A two-hour massage is your personal journey. Breathe. Relax. Allow yourself to disconnect from the momentum and be present in the moment. And it's okay if you fall asleep, too.